The Pros and Cons of Dating a Fashion-forward Man

More than any other interest,  fashion has the biggest influence over who we are. This is also true about the people we date.

Whether you’ve just started the relationship or are currently in your third or fifth year of being together, you’ll know that dating a stylish and fashion-forward man has both its pros and cons. 

If you’re a stylish woman yourself, would you think that he’s the best match?

How will your relationship differ if he’s just “like the other guys”?

Read on below to find out the pros and cons of dating a fashion-conscious man: 

The Pros 

1) Your Shopping Trips Can Turn Into Dates

How nice would it be if you had a man who enjoys shopping with you?

Stylish men love to shop with their partners. You can ask them to come with you to shop for hours. You’ll never see a single hint of boredom or reluctance. 

2) You’ll Get Helpful Fashion Advice

Fashion-forward guys will give you their honest opinion about your dress when you ask them “Honey, how do I look?”. 

3) You’ll Feel Inspired To Dress Better As Well

Your partner will give you the motivation to step up your fashion. It’s always great to have someone that inspires you to look your best.

4) You Can Borrow Accessories From His Massive Collection

He may have accessories that will look good on you too. 

5) You’ll Never Have To Worry About Him Meeting Your Parents

I’ve known women who are scared to introduce their boyfriends or those that want to fix their boyfriends looks first before meeting their family.

You’ll never worry about this. He’ll surely dress to impress. 

6) You’ll Be Breaking Gender Barriers – Which Is Good

According to John Simon of Sociotelligence, dating a fashion-conscious man means you’re dating someone who isn’t buckled under stereotypes.

He’ll be the kind of guy who won’t expect you to cook or clean because it’s your duty “as female”.

He’ll most probably be someone who believes in gender equality. 

The Cons 

1) Ignorant People Will Judge His Gender

A man who is into fashion will always raise eyebrows of the ignorant. “Are you sure he’s not gay?”

If you’re someone who takes these comments more personally, you can be greatly affected. 

2) You’ll Feel Insecure

If your man dresses better than you and is always attractive, this might put a lot of pressure on you to look “attractive”.

Sometimes you’ll feel insecure and wonder what he actually sees on you.

3) He’ll Take Up Too Much Time When Shopping

If you’re not a fashionista yourself, then you wouldn’t understand why it takes him more than an hour to simply choose a new tie or new eyewear. 

4) His Shoe Collection Will Take Up More Room Than Yours

If you have a decent shoe collection, you’ll be surprised by the number of sneakers and loafers your man owns. 

5) He’ll Take A Long Time To Get Ready

Dressing up for a date will take him as much time as you or maybe even longer. 

Final Thoughts

Dating a fashion-conscious man has both its upsides and downsides but at the end of the day, fashion is just an expression.

It doesn’t define one’s values and if you allow yourself to judge other people based on their fashion, then you’re the one who has a problem. 

Mixing Prints For Fall

I promised I would have a new outfit post this week and I hope this fancies your interest, as much as it fancies mine. It feels WRONG to say that summer is slipping away faster than we hope, but…let’s face it…it is!

On the brighter side, it’s a GREAT time to start styling new outfits together from your wardrobe.

See what interesting prints and colors you have to layer and piece together one last time before you put your summer clothes away. Take a look at what I did here as an example:

Let me know what you think of all these mixed prints in the comments below!

Outfit Credits

Plaid Moto Jacket, Volcom, $40

Polka Dot Dress, Ross, $14.99 (in stores)

Assortment of Rings, Forever21, $5.90

Black Tote, Target, $44

Red Suede Pumps, Call it Spring, $22.50

Leopard Belt, Target, $16.99

Italian Holiday

Ciao Bellas! Today was day one of my 2-week vacation in Italy! The first stop is this wonderful beach town called Forte Dei Marmi on the Tuscan Coast. It’s so amazing you guys!

Armed with nothing but an iPhone, I figured why not use it to take an outfit post? It’s been a while since I’ve done one so I hope you like it. Scroll down for links.

Cake Queen Chic

My girl Samantha from the blog Could I Have That was chosen as the spotlighted bride in the latest issue of Flutter Magazine, a stunning online bridal mag.

Instead of celebrating her shower with cheesy games and jordan almond party favors, Sydne from Sydne Style and I joined Samantha at Duff’s Cake Mix (owned by Duff from Ace of Cakes on the Food Network!) in Los Angeles for a day of cake decorating! The place is awesome. It’s like Color Me Mine but for cakes! No baking necessary…just decorating…aka this is my type of joint.

As the niece of a pastry chef, I took the activity VERY seriously and created my own ombre-esque lily pad design which I am extremely proud of.  Maybe there’s a cake decorating career in my future? The three of us had a blast drinking champagne, rollin the dough, and kicking it at Duff’s.

Big congratulations to Samantha who gets married to her longtime beau this summer!

Tip Tuesday: How To Wash Your Leggings

Whether or not you’re into the “leggings as pants” thing, you most likely own a pair of the tried-and-true staple.

Unfortunately, comfort and versatility come with a price: leggings stretch out faster than almost any other type of clothing, which means they need to be replaced more often.

If you’re anything like me, you’d rather buy a fun statement necklace or a cool bag than a pair of boring leggings, so here’s how to wash your leggings to minimize stretching, leaving you more money for the fun stuff.

-Put them in a mesh bag, and set the washer cycle to “gentle,” just like you would for lingerie.  This will keep the pant legs from getting tangled around other clothes (and therefore unnecessarily stretched out).

-Use warm or cold water, never hot, since the stretchy materials (like Spandex and Lycra) in leggings can start to break down when exposed to high levels of heat.  Plus, hot water can cause dyes to run, so you’ll be saving the color, as well.

Hang them to dry, or lay them flat on a drying rack.  Again, heat is bad news for stretchy fabrics, so let your leggings dry naturally and they’ll last much longer.

Fall Layered Outfit Idea

Fall is the best season to show off your styling skills because of all the layering you can incorporate.

Today’s look was styled using pieces I found at Ross during a recent fall shopping trip. Instead of having to go to different stores to pull together an original look, I was able to do gather all my fall pieces in one place.

The inventory at Ross satisfied everything from my basic must-haves –like these booties– to statement bottoms—like this floral pencil skirt, which I’ll be wearing to a TON of meetings this fall.

As always, check out Ross’ Secrets of a Bargain Hunter page to get more fall tips from bloggers like myself.

Let me know what you think of my outfit from Ross below in the comments!

Outfit Credits (available at Ross Dress For Less): Printed Pencil Skirt $11.99; Fringe Handbag $15.99; Military Jacket $17.99; Grey Turtleneck $15.99; Booties $19.99

{Disclosure: I’m a “Ross Bargain Hunter” and was compensated for this post!}

Varisty Chic

You know I must have something special on if I’m doing an outfit post! My dear friend, Allie Evans, who’s been featured numerous times on the blog, collaborated with Keds to design a pair of fabulous Fall sneakers.

See how I styled them with the perfect navy tee from the #SplendidxDamsel cotton collection designed by friend Jacey Duprie.

It’s so awesome to witness the crazy success of some of my girlfriends in the digital community. These two in particular–Damsel in Dior and Allie Marie Evans— have a point of view that’s worth checking out.

I couldn’t be prouder to be surrounded by such powerful young women! More updates on my whereabouts (aka where the hell I’ve been!) later I promise, but first wanted to give these girls the moment they deserve 

Girlfriend Holiday Gift Guide

I love giving gifts to my girlfriends and colleagues around the holidays, even if it’s just a small gesture. When it comes to shopping for stylish holiday gifts, Ross is a great choice.

The store is filled with a ton of gift item options that look super expensive but, in reality, are very affordable. Check out the goodies I found on a recent shopping trip.

Whether it’s a little spa-themed gift, a fab graphic animal print sweater or an accessory like this striped handbag, it’s VERY easy to buy your friends a holiday gift that you can feel proud of without overspending.

The more you save, the more gifts you can give to the people you love. At least that’s my mantra.

For more holiday gift shopping tips, visit the Ross Secrets of a Bargain Hunter webpage!

Who’s on your gift list this year? Tell us what you plan on getting your friends in the comments!

Gift Guide Credits:

1. Bow Handbag, Ross, $34.99

2. Face Cosmetic Bag, Ross, $12.99

3. Animal Print Sweater, Ross, $12.99

4. Assorted Ceramic Spice Containers, Ross, $7.99

5. Decorative Wrapped Spa Soap, Ross, $3.99

6. Floral Scent Candle, Ross, $8.99

7. Cozy Socks, Ross, $5.99

8. Pink Leather Journal, Ross, $24.99

9. Luxe Wrapped Handsoap, Ross, $3.99

{Disclosure: I’m a “Ross Bargain Hunter” and was compensated for this post!}