“Tres Cool” In Black And White

“Tres Cool” In Black And White

It’s not often you come across a gal with this much beauty. Meet Jenny Wu, my friend from the blog Good, Bad, and Fab. She has killer style, hair, eyes, (and just about everything else), yet she happens to be one of the sweetest gals west of the Mississippi! Here’s her first outfit for Penny Chic:

Black and white was a HUGE trend last year, but it’s still going strong! Instead of just going with black and white, we also decided to mix in some prints, graphic text, and different kinds of fabric.

I spotted this “Tres Cool” sweater in-store at Forever21. I could see those blaring polka dots and the sweater’s overall fun vibe from a mile away. Now I see it’s not available online, but definitely check your local store!

The shorts are pretty awesome too. LOVE the whole nautical theme. And it definitely helps when you have legs like Jenny’s! You can buy them from Gatzino.com, a new eCommerce site that sells really cute clothes that are affordable.

What do you think of this mixed prints look? Did we take it too far or do you like the funky style? 

Shop it Online: Nautical shorts, Gatzino.com, $28; Tres Cool sweater, Forever21, $22 (sold out online); White Blazer, Charlotte Russe, $33; Black and white tote, Target, $32.99