Tip Tuesday: How To Wash Your Leggings

Whether or not you’re into the “leggings as pants” thing, you most likely own a pair of the tried-and-true staple.

Unfortunately, comfort and versatility come with a price: leggings stretch out faster than almost any other type of clothing, which means they need to be replaced more often.

If you’re anything like me, you’d rather buy a fun statement necklace or a cool bag than a pair of boring leggings, so here’s how to wash your leggings to minimize stretching, leaving you more money for the fun stuff.

-Put them in a mesh bag, and set the washer cycle to “gentle,” just like you would for lingerie.  This will keep the pant legs from getting tangled around other clothes (and therefore unnecessarily stretched out).

-Use warm or cold water, never hot, since the stretchy materials (like Spandex and Lycra) in leggings can start to break down when exposed to high levels of heat.  Plus, hot water can cause dyes to run, so you’ll be saving the color, as well.

Hang them to dry, or lay them flat on a drying rack.  Again, heat is bad news for stretchy fabrics, so let your leggings dry naturally and they’ll last much longer.

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