Mixing Prints For Fall

I promised I would have a new outfit post this week and I hope this fancies your interest, as much as it fancies mine. It feels WRONG to say that summer is slipping away faster than we hope, but…let’s face it…it is!

On the brighter side, it’s a GREAT time to start styling new outfits together from your wardrobe.

See what interesting prints and colors you have to layer and piece together one last time before you put your summer clothes away. Take a look at what I did here as an example:

Let me know what you think of all these mixed prints in the comments below!

Outfit Credits

Plaid Moto Jacket, Volcom, $40

Polka Dot Dress, Ross, $14.99 (in stores)

Assortment of Rings, Forever21, $5.90

Black Tote, Target, $44

Red Suede Pumps, Call it Spring, $22.50

Leopard Belt, Target, $16.99

About the author

Shuana Miller

I grew up in LA, moved to NYC for college, worked at a fashion house in Paris, and have written, assisted, styled and labored in the fashion world enough...

Andrian Joe - 06/04/2020

Looking so yummy this morning…

Isabella Stone - 06/11/2020

Great outfit Shauna

Jeremy Smith - 06/29/2020

You look so beautiful

Betty Doug - 06/29/2020

How much does it cost on Amazon Shuan

    Francesca Sunday - 06/01/2020

    I think it’s about $40

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