Girlfriend Holiday Gift Guide

I love giving gifts to my girlfriends and colleagues around the holidays, even if it’s just a small gesture. When it comes to shopping for stylish holiday gifts, Ross is a great choice.

The store is filled with a ton of gift item options that look super expensive but, in reality, are very affordable. Check out the goodies I found on a recent shopping trip.

Whether it’s a little spa-themed gift, a fab graphic animal print sweater or an accessory like this striped handbag, it’s VERY easy to buy your friends a holiday gift that you can feel proud of without overspending.

The more you save, the more gifts you can give to the people you love. At least that’s my mantra.

For more holiday gift shopping tips, visit the Ross Secrets of a Bargain Hunter webpage!

Who’s on your gift list this year? Tell us what you plan on getting your friends in the comments!

Gift Guide Credits:

1. Bow Handbag, Ross, $34.99

2. Face Cosmetic Bag, Ross, $12.99

3. Animal Print Sweater, Ross, $12.99

4. Assorted Ceramic Spice Containers, Ross, $7.99

5. Decorative Wrapped Spa Soap, Ross, $3.99

6. Floral Scent Candle, Ross, $8.99

7. Cozy Socks, Ross, $5.99

8. Pink Leather Journal, Ross, $24.99

9. Luxe Wrapped Handsoap, Ross, $3.99

{Disclosure: I’m a “Ross Bargain Hunter” and was compensated for this post!}

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