Diy Lip Scrub

Diy Lip Scrub

Erin from Team Penny Chic is here!  When Brittnie and I were brainstorming ideas for this week’s Tip Tuesday, I suggested a DIY lip scrub and found out Brittnie makes her own lip scrub at home all the time.  She told me it’s super easy, but I didn’t realize HOW easy until I tried it myself.  Turns out, you only need three ingredients, and five minutes (literally.)


-Coconut Oil (I used 1 teaspoon)

-Honey (I used 1 tablespoon)

-Brown Sugar (I used a heaping spoonful)

*I made WAY more than I needed for one use, so you can really adjust the amounts of the ingredients based on how much you want to make.  The only “rule” is that there should be enough brown sugar to effectively slough the dead skin off your lips (ew…)


1. Measure the ingredients.

2. Pour the honey into the coconut oil and mix until they’re blended.

3. Pour the honey/coconut oil mixture into the brown sugar and mix to a thick and gritty consistency.

4. Use your finger to scoop a little of the mixture out of the bowl and onto your lips.

5. “Scrub” it in a little bit, making sure to get all the way over to the sides, and on the inside rims of your lips (luckily the ingredients are all food so it’s not a problem if you accidentally eat some).

6. Rinse (or lick…) the mixture off your lips.

*Tip- make sure to moisturize with a hydrating lip balm when you’re done (just like you’d moisturize after exfoliating any other part of your body.)

This was so quick, easy and inexpensive.  Definitely a “win” in my book.  Are there any other DIY beauty projects you want to try?  Let us know in the comments!