Last night I had quite a night. I went to the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Party in LA and saw every celeb imaginable from Jessica Simpson to Paris Hilton. Growing up in LA, I’ve seen my share of celebs but this was different… everyone was under the same roof dancing and drinking. I got a lot of photographs taken of me (aka I made the photographers take photos of me) and now just have to track them down. I was wearing ALL Wal-Mart and no one could believe it! My whole outfit was around $50 head-to-toe! Stay tuned for photos…

On to the outfit… The pants and ballet flats are from the Women’s department and the rest is Men’s. We call this an androgynous look, or in the case of this post, “Tomboy Chic.” Sarah may be the cutest Tomboy I’ve ever seen. Androgynous is very on trend right now. There was a lot of menswear inspired Women’s fashions on the runway this season, which is great for the Diane Keaton’s in the world, and people like me who fantasize about wearing a 3 piece suit with a bow tie to work. As of now, my office is my childhood bedroom in my parent’s house so maybe I’ll have to wait for that pipe dream. I love the punch that the pink flats give to the outfit. There’s a strand of pink in the stripes on the shirt which is picked up by the shoes. Subtle and chic.

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Men’s Tie
Skinny Jeans
Men’s Button Down

Photo: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. I love this look! How did you choose a size for the men’s shirt relative to the size you wear in women’s? a size smaller? the same size?

    by Jess Reply