I know nothing about the Superbowl (or football for that matter) except for the fact that this outfit should be worn to a Superbowl party because it is absolutely adorable! I have to give myself some props for at least having the right color scheme going on, right?

For those of you who have been missing Wally world on the site, here’s an outfit styled completely with Walmart clothes. Ohh the good ol days! p.s. This bag is my new favorite thing. It’s made very well considering it’s 11 bucks AND it’s super convenient to just throw things in on-the-go without looking schlumpy!

Shop it Online:
No Boundaries Flyaway Cardigan $11.88 (Walmart)
Faded GloryTank Top $11.64 for pack of 3 (Walmart)

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Amy Halverson


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  1. It’s super cute . . . minus the hat. I think my friends would laugh me out of the part for wearing that.

    Obsessing over that bag. $11? Get serious.

    by Emily Reply
  2. Great bag. You should do a Super Bowl pool and give it away to the winner…. or something…. if I’m the winner…

    by Jessica Reply
  3. @Chelsea–Will bring in more Wally don’t worry!
    @Jessica–you’re funny!
    @TallYenta–nice one!

    by shauna Reply
  4. Hi, love the attire! I wanted to ask if you know when all of the winter clothing is coming on sale at kmart any time soon?

    by Mai Reply