This is more of a Spring outfit, but let’s face it, the weather has been so unpredictable lately that I’m certain there’s some of you out there who would do just fine in this get-up with your current climate conditions.

The brand L.E.I. at Walmart has a lot of pieces with built-in padded bras (or as they like to call them, “molded cups”) and this yellow cami is one of them. I’m torn on whether I like built-in bras or not. On the one hand, it’s nice you don’t have to worry about your straps showing or finding the right bra, and on the other, it may not be supportive enough. What do you think?
This floral scarf is a summer scarf, meaning it’s very light and should be used as an accessory to add a pop of color or texture. Nothing like a floral print to help transition from Spring into Summer. Who’s ready?

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Yellow Cami
Dark Wash Jeans
Ruffle Thong Sandal

Photo: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. LOVE THIS!!!! This is my fav outfit so far I think. Everything about it is cute! LOVE the scarf, the cami looks comfy and the jeans look comfy and stylish too. (PS…her light hair looks great w/the light colors of the scarf and the yellow cami, and nicely contrasts with the jeans.)

    I’m personally, I generally need more support than just sticking w/the molded cups in tops, but I know they work for lots of other people. But I can always just use the extra “help” (sort of a push-up bra effect) when used with a normal bra.

    Again, LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit!! Just hoping I can find the stuff in the Walmart near me! :)

    by Kassie Reply
  2. Cool outfit! I could definitely see myself wearing this. I have mixed feelings on padded tops, because if you’re larger busted sometimes it doesn’t cover enough. On the other hand, I agree that it is nice to go without a strapless bra or have to buy one with clear straps, etc. Anyway, cute top!

    by Anonymous Reply
  3. That outfit is so great! I never have good luck like that at our Walmart. It is so hit or miss. I have found some really great things there though.

    I am with you on the built in bra/molded bra thing. I don’t have a whole lot going on up top, so I feel really exposed if I don’t have a bra on, LOL!

    by Heather Reply
  4. ADORABLE!! This is one of my absolute favs as well. Unsure as well about the molded cups though. I HATE shelf bras as they do nothing but flatten me out so I usually cut them out of my shirts and just use a good strapless. Energie used to make similar molded cups that were almost a underwire that I used to wear all the time so I hope my Walmart has these to check out.

    by Monique Reply
  5. Great styling. I think cuffing the jeans and the addition of the scarf really makes this outfit current.

    P.S. Your model looks like she could be the younger sister of actress, Diane Farr.

    by Brianna Reply
  6. I rarely accessorize with scarves. I should start it gives the outfit a lil something extra.

    by Alicia Reply
  7. This is my favorite outfit post that you have done. I love the cuffed jeans. All the pieces come together so well and what a great price on top of that.

    by Jill Anderson Reply
  8. I love that scarf!! I’m totally obsessed with spring and summery scarves, and the floral ones are definitely my fave! So pretty!

    by Lucy Reply
  9. I think that for girls who have smaller busts, it’s kinda nice to wear the tanks that have the molded cups. However, girls like myself who have a large bust can 1. Take the cups out and utilize a reliable strapless bra, or 2: Forgo wearing it altogether. Very cute outfit all-in-all :) Love that scarf!

    by Dana Reply