Wearing this outfit required some bravery on my part. The skirt and crop top have been hanging on my styling racks for some time now and I finally decided to do something about it! I dared to try the two pieces together and somehow, with the right accessories and attitude, I was able (I hope) to pull it off. I love crop tops, leopard, floral print, maxis, pointy heels and anything high waisted. So basically…I wore all of my favorite things at once and sure enough it all came together! For a second there I forgot how wonderful it feels to wear only the things you love!


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  1. At first, I thought, what is she doing here? Then, the longer I looked at it, especially with the shoes, the more I liked it! It works! And I might brave Target and go look for that skirt.

    by Wilhelmina Miltonburn Reply
  2. I applaud your brave efforts! I think this outfit has a lot of personality. I will admit those two patterns together at first look a little weird, but it kind of grows on you and I can see all the creativity that you put into it and think it’s pretty cool.

    by Hannah Reply
  3. Love this!! I would wear it today if I could. I’m always a fan of stripes mixed with floral, but this is genius!

    by Anna Rae Reply
  4. This outfit is awesome!! I love trying things people are afraid to try so I can’t wait to get an outfit like this one. Great job!

    by Ashley Reply