As a Cali native, I am ashamed to say that I have only been to San Francisco once in my life….and worse, it was only for 4 hours. I was visiting my sister at Stanford University (yea, she’s a genius) and we took the train with her friends to San Fran just for the night. We ate in Little Italy then danced the night away at a nearby nightclub. So I admit, I’m not exactly the expert on San Fran style, but I do recall a couple of things….SF residents are casual-cafe frequenter-thrift store shopper-bar hopper-funky types *deep breath* and to me, this look combines all of that (and more) in a chic way.

Shop it online:
Printed Cardigan
Black Shorts
Doggy T-Shirt (not the exact one I used but this shirt by Kamali will give a similar effect!)

Photos: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. You are such an inspiration! I look forward to reading your blog every morning. I’m a military wife, and therefore on a limited budget. Plus my husband is stationed in a small town in south Georgia–with VERY limited shopping–but we have two Wal Marts. I haven’t shopped there in years, but you have inspired me to give them another look. Thank you for what you do!

    by Dana Reply
  2. I love ALL of this!! The cardigan is unexpected with the tee shirt but I really like the way they look together. Floral and zebra, who would have thought that?! haha

    by Hannah Reply
  3. Love the tights with the wedges – you know what i’m waiting for, but for now- I really like this look and that sweater is amazing. Something you could find at Anthropologie for sure.

    by JGryff Reply
  4. Love the shirt and have to have it but cannot find it on the site where can I get one

    by Brandi Reply
    • To be honest with you Brandi, It’s in the tackiest section of the store. If you ever do get to an actual walmart go to their area where they have graphic t-shirts and stuff and I guarantee you, you’ll find something similar!

      by shauna Reply
  5. I guess it means it’s time for you to wear that outfit and come up for a visit. You’d fit right in.

    by Sadie Reply
  6. I looked at our local walmart last night and did not find in the graphic t section but will look at another one when I am out and about this weekend. Found the sweater and love it

    by Brandi Reply
  7. I saw you featured on CNN and had to take a look at your site. I love it! What a great stylist you are, especially considered the items are coming from WalMart. This outfit you’re wearing now is very cute. I would have never guessed it came from WalMart.

    New fan and definitely have to spread the word around to those who follow me.

    by Corie Reply
  8. All kinds of yes to that zebra cardigan. I did not see that in the brick and mortar so I’ll have to check the website. Love the styling on this outfit!

    by BUDGET CHIC Reply