Got pretty much the best text message in the world last night when Mary from A Fab Life (pictured above) told me she was recognized by a Penny Chic reader at a flea market in North Carolina!  Shout out to my NC reader with an amazing memory and clearly GOOD taste. I mean who could forget a face like this!?

That’s my bragging for the day. On to the outfit which I adore. Mary is rocking two different striped patterns, one tucked into the other. The conflicting lines strangely work and I think it’s the addition of the bright red jacket that pulls it together. The jacket is a little bit on the expensive side (to be honest, I misread the tag until I got home), but I still think it’s a piece worth investing in. The red is so on point and it’s by the real Levi’s brand.

What do you think of the mismatched stripes. Would you ever wear it!?


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  1. I love the combination of the vertical and horizontal stripes! I never would have thought to put them together but it really works.

    by Alisa Reply
  2. I actually thought it was a dress at first so I guess the stripes work!
    I really love this. The pop of red definitely makes it.

    by Jessica Reply