I haven’t been on the blog in a while, but here I am…a lady who lunches (yea right…)

It is 11pm on Tuesday night in Sydney. Tomorrow is the actual fashion show that I am hosting!!! There are 54 journalists coming to the event! I start my first interview at 7:10am and my last one in the late afternoon. So this is what celebrity life is like LOL.

On to the outfit… This dress is part of Miss Tina’s Fall collection at Walmart. She has a bunch of wrap dresses which I think is so smart for us workin ladies. Who doesn’t like a wrap dress!!?? I did something a little different with this one that you may decide is not right for you. I got it in the largest size it came in and I played around with the draping and tying so instead of it being skin tight, it fits looser. What do you think of the way I am wearing it? If you go to you’ll see how it’s supposed to be worn. Always remember to think outside the box and reinvent new ways of wearing things!

Shop it Online:
Wrap Dress
Patent Pumps

Photo Credit: Kohshin Finley
Model: ME!


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  1. I love it! I think a lot of the Miss Tina stuff is great, and this looks really nice. I like that it’s a wrap around dress to fit most shapes. It’s a good compromise!

    by Anonymous Reply
  2. I’m always so jealous of those who can wear dresses that are form fitting, because I am heavier. The “work” type outfits are usually cut looser and I can wear them. This almost looks like it is form fitting when it is not. So, I love it!

    by Jessica Reply
  3. I actually ordered this dress for a presentation I have this weekend after seeing it here. I wouldn’t have done that from the website picture. Form-fitting is not really work-friendly–especially when you have a large bust line.

    by KSL Reply
  4. Hi Shauna: The draped front looks great, did you pin it to keep the pleats in the right spot? Also how did you deal with the size of the shoulder width/armholes? Looks OK, just wondering??

    by Liana Reply
  5. Hi Liana–sorry for the delay in writing back to you. No I didn’t pin anything. When you tie it backwards thats the pleading that naturally happens. The shoulder width and armholes are definitely too big so I just rolled them up and slid them up my arm

    by shauna Reply