I took these photos right before I left for New York. It was one of those times when I grabbed whatever I could find that hadn’t been used on the blog and threw them together. If you look closely at each item in the outfit, all three components belong to very different style genres. You have the plaid shirt which would normally be paired with jeans. The leather pants have a more sexy and edgy look to them. And the sparkly clutch (by the new Cosmopolitan line at JCPenney) is something you would expect to see on a fancier outfit. I love mixing different styles together that wouldn’t typically be put together. Too much of one style can get too predictable and boring. I’m all about the mixing and matching! What do you think about the way this outfit came together?


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  1. I love this outfit! The girly, edgy, and casual pieces all allow different parts of your personality to come through. Totally a fan of the mixing and matching:D

    by Amrit Reply