BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!! Shideh H. Miller, aka my mom, aka the Penny Chic photographer graces the cyber pages of the blog once again.

This outfit is incredibly elegant and chic (so is the model might I add…)! I get emails from some Pennies who tell me they feel they can’t pull off the outfits I showcase because of their age. Well, here you have it, a 57 year old hot mama proving that you can look like a million bucks, spend less than 100 bucks, and be a professional model while doing it!!

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Silk Blouse
Tweed Skirt (similar but not exact)
Black Pumps

Model: Shideh H. Miller
Photo Credit: Shauna Miller
(ahh the roles are finally reversed!!)


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  1. Shideh looks fabulous!! btw…I’m wearing my Kmart motorcycle boots on New Year’s eve with a sparkly flared skirt and lace top…I get ideas from PennyChic that I apply to my age and body shape…they are great.

    by Nancy Vanni Reply
  2. I would recommend eliminating the necklace because the shirt already has so much going on. She does look very nice though.

    by Anonymous... Reply
  3. Not only does she look fabulous but might I had what a slimming effect this whole outfit has…she is rocking it. Super chic and stylish and age appropriate on budget. Perfect combo.

    by Jen from MI Reply
  4. You’re mom is so cute. Absolutely adore the last photo! Love how classy she looks! The pearls are a nice touch :-)

    by Anonymous Reply
  5. Makes a daughter proud to see her sis and mama put such a beautiful package together, And today that package is my mama. xo

    by nicky Reply
  6. Thank you so much for your comments! Sounds like everyone wants to see more of my mom on the blog. I think I can make that happen! xoxo

    by shauna Reply
  7. I just had an idea…it would be cute if you featured both your mom and dad in a post together :)

    by Anonymous... Reply