If there was ever a time to shout, “That’s Walmart!??”, It would be now.

The fact that this satin cocktail dress is $14 is absolute insanity. But so much of what makes this outfit look chic and expensive is the accessorizing. Take the studs for instance. I found them in store in a pack of 3 (all different sizes) for $5. At first glance, you might think they were too juvenile, but when you pair them with an evening dress, they tell a completely different story.

Cocktail rings have been all the range for some time now. Now we’re seeing them being worn a couple at a time. See JLO as one example. I sport this look ALL the time and with these three rings especially. I even wear it casually with a maxi dress and jean jacket. The idea is not to take yourself too seriously with it. Everyone knows the rings are costume so you can play with it and have fun.

Shop it Online:

Satin Cocktail Dress
Rhinestone Sandal (in white, not black)

Photos: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. I agree…Shocking for the price and look! I love how you put this one together. Very highbrow/high culture with a lot of BLING! :-)

    by Anonymous Reply
  2. seriously shocked at the price. amazzzz. i love the big pearl starburst ring….xo

    by Cdee Reply
  3. Crazy! I would never have thought that came from Walmart. Might have to pick up the dress :)

    by SavannaKalel Reply