When I was pulling clothes for Ashley’s photoshoot, I came across these fabulous studded hots shorts and knew that if anyone was going to pull them off, it was going to be the girl in Pursuit of Shoes who appreciated a tall heel and had some long stems to match! Good thing she was up for it when I showed them to her! It took us a second to figure out what jewelry to pair the flashy shorts with. We tried statement earrings, a stack of bangles, long necklaces that hung to the belly button, but it was this chunky, flashy, shiny beaded necklace that seemed to work the best. It surprised both of us because we thought it would fight with the embellishments on the shorts, but in fact it just enhanced the whole look. And of course, the greatest value added to the outfit is Ashley’s attitude and confidence which is an accessory in it of itself! She is WERKKKING it and we can ALL learn a thing or two from that!



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  1. I’ve seen that high waisted shorts and studded shirts are really instyle now. Love the combination of the two. Great job!

    by Ashley Reply
  2. I totally agree, Ashley’s attitude is what’s making the whole outfit come alive!!

    by shideh Reply
  3. Girl!!!! Your legs make me wanna go to the gym and do some squats.
    Great outfit and I love how you have made it affordable and high fashion.


    by Sarah Reply