Yes, this is a real picture of an elk migration that I caught sight of with my very own eyes Friday morning in Utah. Thank god I had my cell right next to me to quickly snap a pic! Isn’t it just breathtaking!?

As some of you know who follow me on Instagram, I went to the Sundance Film Festival over the weekend in Park City and had an amazing time. I really needed that dose of fun in my life! Truth be told, I haven’t slept much this past month. It might have something to do with the launch of my clothing line coming up in just a couple of weeks!  I wish I could say I saw some good films, but the truth is this trip was about being with my girlfriends and having a good time…and who can blame me, really?

First day in town we hit up Main Street in Park City and were found goofing around in front of an exclusive Ugg Boot sponsored event. Party faux pas?

As much as Sundance is about the films, it’s also a festival that knows how to party! My friends and I hit up the Vegas’ iconic TAO pop up nightclub, where we heard beats played by Lil Jon and DJ Politik. We also heard one of my favorite DJs perform, Avicii, at another venue. That’s me rocking out! My friend, Aly Weisman, who was covering all the fun happenings at Sundance for Business Insider was able to get us on stage and in his DJ booth. Talk about a surreal musical experience!

One of the coolest things I did was visiting the Oakley Learn to Ride lounge at Sundance. They outfitted me in Oakley snowboarding gear, gave me an awesome snowboarding instructor, and I went out there and ate sh..snow for an hour! My butt is still black and blue from all the falls! I’m still glad I did it though. It’s amazing exercise and it taught me how to get back up, stop whining and just move on and get down the mountain. Something we can all learn surely…

The biggest surprise of all was running into searsStyle while I was at Sundance! Nothing makes a budget blogger feel more at home in a town of all VIP celebs and too cool for school somebodys than running into your old discount retailer friends! The Sears Shop Your Way suite at Sundance looked tres tres chic and the best part was that I scored a pair of comfy velour Kardashian Kollection sweatpants, along with some matching pink gloves! Store after my own heart :)

Sunday was a surprisingly sunny day in Park City and we spent it on a rooftop at the Paige Hospitality Group Football Viewing Party sponsored by Moet-Hennessey and Element Electronics at the Sky Lodge Hotel. The Minnetonka photograph that looks photoshopped  is in fact real! The day was really just that stunning.

The girls trip ended with a greasy brunch at a diner connected to a gas station! It was the perfect way to conclude a memorable trip!


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