One of the most lovely and stylish bloggers I know, Kelly GoLightly, hosted a cookie decorating party in honor of the holidays! She baked cookies in the shape of shoes, dresses, and diamond rings. I mean this girl is beyond cute!!  All her guests scored big time with a gifted pair of Sole Society shoes, my new fave footwear lines! The party was filled to the brim with candy from  our girl A.Sweet. Damn her for tempting my sweet tooth! My girls Sydne Style, Glitter N Glue, Good Bad Fab, Quarter Life Crisis and Damsel in Dior were all there.  Best of the blogosphere if I don’t say so myself.


The theme was inspired by pastel colors, Girly clothes, and lots of tulle (or at least that’s how I interpreted it!). I went a little crazy and took the party theme to the next level by wearing my fairy princess bat mitzvah dress from when I was 13! I layered lots of pearls and rhinestone necklaces (all vintage and Walmart) to make the dress appear more mature and more stylish. What do you think of my frilly ensemble? Chic or too over the top?



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  1. Darling, how too lovely you look! Lots to try, so many thanks for boots and mega necklaces.
    – That Dame

    by Julie Aylward Reply
  2. I LOVE that you wore this again. I remember the first time!!
    This party is such a cute idea xoxo

    by Jordan Reply
  3. I can’t believe you can wear your dress from when you were 13!! That’s amazing, and I think you look fantastic! Not too overdone at all. :)

    by Rachel Reply
  4. I wish I could fit into a dress from when i was 13 ! Very jealous lol.
    Love the vintage pearl jewellery, especially the pearl rings, I have a soft spot for them at the moment. It used to be emeralds now the pearl addiction has began.

    by Gemma Tubbrit Reply