I spent fourth of July weekend with my family and friends in Park City, Utah and had the best time!! It was one of those weekends that was the perfect mix of people and it was really an escape for everyone (me included which is unusual!). My bro made us matching shirts that ┬áread “Chalet Miller” so for the first day all nine of us were twinsies… We’re the nerdiest people ever, but I love it!

My best friend, Daniela, came down from New York. She’s actually modeled before! ┬áThe two of us were up to no good as usual….

The fireworks were lit practically right over us at this park where we were picnicking! It was gorgeous and the best part was spending it with everyone I love. Fireworks never seem to get old no matter how many times you’ve witnessed them.

Oh and best part was going to my first ever rodeo! It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. We were in the middle of the countryside in Utah and the whole town came out to see these bulls fight. Any country girls reading this who know what kind of thing I’m talking about? Everyone was dressed up for the fourth and cheering on the animals. It was a real American experience…

This child was probably the highlight of the whole trip! Well, that may be a slight exaggeration but she was pretty amazing! There’s a slight honey boo boo resemblance. Bottom line is she had it going on. Girlfriend was in full Independence Day regalia. Isn’t she amazing!?



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  1. A) the weekend looks awesome–i love your family and B) that little girl is too much!

    by Jordan Reply