It seems like everything these days comes with a little extra packaging. You buy a pair of shoes, you get a box full of paper (plus the shoe box). You take your shirt to the dry cleaners, you get a plastic bag, a hanger, and more paper. What do you do with all of this “trash?”

Before you throw it all away, try these tips to maybe make your life a little easier and your items last a little longer.

Shoe Box:

Keep your drawers organized with a shoe box. It works as a divider and helps keep your garments separated. This is perfect for your underwear drawer! Just remove the top of the box and place in your drawer.

Gift Wrap or Tissue Paper:

Most people tend to throw away the scrap tissue paper or gift wrap. Don’t let that go so quickly. Stuff that paper into your handbags to help them keep their shape and extend the life of your purse.

Dry Cleaner:

The dry cleaner puts a foam slip over the wire hanger when they return your garments to you. Remove the foam slip from the wire hanger (because nobody likes a wire hanger) and place onto one of your plastic hangers so your garments don’t slip!


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  1. If you’re into painting faux finishes on your walls or furniture, crinkling up tissue paper, then smoothing it flat and then pressing it onto fresh paint makes for a very cool look especially if you’ve painted a base coat, let it dry, then paint another color on top and press the tissue paper onto this second coat.

    by Refashion Tutorials Reply