A lot of you voiced that you wanted more shopping and styling tips! So here’s the first go at it…

I’m DEFINITELY not expecting any time soon but I’m not ashamed to say that I browse the maternity section every now and then. I mean, really, maternity wear is pretty amazing these days, especially Target’s department. My new current obsession are these maternity long cami tanks. I wear them under a lot of my sheer tops. Unlike other camis I have found, these don’t ride up when you pull them down and they’re long enough to peek out underneath if you want to add that color contrast. Also, they are SUPER comfortable because they are made with the pregnant woman in mind. Have you ever tried this tip?


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    • haha well you probably still have some left! if i remember correctly didn’t you give birth about a year ago or so…

      by smiller Reply
  1. I have bought several Liz Lange maternity items including a black dress and some colorful tees. The tees work so well if you want to wear leggings and have a longer top! Glad to know I am not alone in seeing how versatile these pieces can be!

    by erica Reply
    • haha yeah I’m obsessed with her line at Target too! Great minds think alike…

      by smiller Reply
  2. Yes! I still wear my maternity tank tops, shorts and pj pants all the time. There is something very sentimental about wearing clothes from pregnancy. Takes me back to a special time.

    by Jen Reply
  3. I recently bought a maternity top from Target by accident. It was so cute and fit nicely (especially in the chest area). Although I didn’t know it was maternity at the time, I’ll be looking through that section in the future for sure.

    by Nikki Reply
  4. I buy stuff from different sections all the time. Boys, girls and men’s sections from different stores. I love that I can mix and match. And it’s sometimes cheaper too.

    by Karen Reply
  5. I love shopping Target maternity. I still get compliments on
    an empire waisted coat I bought their 2 years ago.
    The tanks and cami’s are a must to cover this long waisted lady!!

    by Rene Reply
  6. I had buy a maxi dress from the maternity department and a lot more. They are so comfy and soft.

    by Millie Reply