Ok, so we all have that fabulous pair of heels that we HAD to buy even though they were a teensy bit too tight. I mean, beauty is pain, right?! Wrong! Don’t suffer in your shoes!! Check out this little tip I picked up through some friends on how to add some room to your shoes.

Simple Steps: 

1. Put on some thick socks (or a few pairs of thin socks.)

2. Squeeze on those snug shoes.

3. Grab your blowdryer and focus on the tight points of the shoe–flex your feet for better results.

4. Keep your shoes on your feet until they have cooled and VOILA!


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  1. hmmm…never heard this method. Have you tried putting beans into a sock, soaking the sock in water and then putting into the sneakers or shoes. As the beans expand, the shoes stretches.

    by Antionette Blake Reply
    • Glad you like it!! It’s definitely something most women need at one point.

      by smiller Reply
  2. Going to have to try this one and see how it works. Seems too good to be true!

    by Laura Reply
  3. I did this with a pair of flats recently (well minus the blow dryer, I just wore the shoes with socks for a few hours). It definitely helped, but I think since my shoes are synthetic they’re losing the stretch.

    by Sarah @ Shades of Sarah Reply