This is one of my favorite “life hacks.”  If you want something trend specific and can’t find it in the Womens department, try checking the Kids department.  When I couldn’t get my hands on the above “BOOM” sweatshirt from the crazy-popular Phillip Lim for Target line, I did some research and found the equally punchy (no pun intended…) “POW” option from Forever21 Girls.

Since big retail chains offer more size variety, kids sizes can go up to a size XXL or 16 (which is the equivalent of a size 8).  One thing to be aware of is that kids clothes won’t be tailored to your shape the way adult clothes are, but it still does the job when you’re looking to achieve a trend!

In a case like this, having the sweatshirt fall shorter at the bottom hem and on the sleeves, isn’t a bad thing. Crop top anyone?

Have you ever scored something amazing in the Kids department?  Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I’ve gotten sandals in the girl’s department in Zara. And I’ve gotten a faux leather jacket in the boy’s section of Zara. I got some great wool sweaters on sale in the men’s department of Banana Republic.

    by karen Reply
  2. this is an awful “tip” unless you’re a stick which most us ARENT since we’ve gone through puberty. how ridiculous… I myself am plus sized but even girls who are of normal weight still have DEVELOPED HIPS, BUTT, CHEST so ridiculous to suggest going to the children dept..

    Any real stylist or designer will attest to how vital FIT is. children’s clothes are made obviously to fit your a child.

    by anna Reply
  3. When I used to work at Old Navy, I discovered cute tees at giveaway prices in the boys section. I started buying the XL ones & wearing tanks under them to make up for them being shorter. They were actually pretty fitted on me, which was what I wanted at the time.

    Before that, when I worked at TJMaxx, I scored some BCBG for girls sandals that I literally wore out. And there was a favorite men’s dept Chaps comfy sweatshirt that I also completely wore out. We will forget about that barn jacket I bought from the men’s dept…

    by Chrissy Reply
  4. Anna, you’re completely mistaken. I’ve always been a curvy (thick) girl, although not plus sized. I’ve ranged between a size 6 and 12, and I have DD cup size. I’ve always checked the kids section for trendy tops. Kids bottoms certainly don’t work but Shauna wasn’t suggesting anything like that anyway. It’s not always going to work but it’s definitely worth trying before you judge so harshly.

    by Jessica Moore Reply
  5. I’m partial to vintage Boy Scout tees and shirts….There’s a lot of Boom sweatshirts in my neighborhood Targets. What size do you want Shauna?

    by Erin Reply
  6. Back when I was a “waif” in my teen years, I bough all of my shorts from Limited Kids in the biggest size they had which was 14. The smallest women sizes didn’t always flatter me. I used to think it was inconvenient and now I would welcome that sort of inconvenience. lol

    by erica Reply
  7. I love shopping in the kids department! I work at Target and we really have a ton of stuff that is copying the adults trends which makes my life awesome! I also wear about a 4 in pants in womens sizes and can get away with the XL which is great especially when we are talking leggings because Target has a ton of amazing colors! and usually around $5 or $6 vs $14ish for anything other than black in womens

    by Lindsey Reply