Happy Tuesday Pennies!  Today’s tip is all about finding a new way to style something you already own– and what’s more Penny Chic than that?  Whenever I feel like a basic skirt needs a little extra somethin’ somethin’, I throw on a tulle skirt underneath.  Not only does this poof up the skirt which adds a nice shape to my silhouette, but it’s a fun way to channel my inner ballerina on the days that I can’t go full-on Carrie Bradshaw with my look.

Bonus: The tulle skirt above (which I paired with a punk look a few months ago) is actually a kids’ size 14.  Definitely worth checking the kids’ department every once in a while– you may just find something that can be repurposed in an unexpected way, for way less expensive than it’d be in the women’s department!


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