This is one of the outfit photos we shot for my book (remember, to preorder if you haven’t already!). We didn’t end up using it, but I had so much fun breaking all the rules of conventional styling to put it together. I think it demonstrates funky layering (albeit, at an extreme) in a really refreshing way. The concept was to create an outfit with elements of every style “tribe” including pieces that are classic, boho, edgy, sporty, and girly. Scroll down for my tips on layering…



1. Pick a Statement Print. This is a print that will serve as the focal point of the outfit. Here, I chose leopard. The polka dots under the skirt are more of an accent print, but the long sleeved leopard top (which was actually a tight dress that I tucked in) is where your eyes are drawn to immediately.

2. Pair The Print With a Bold Solid Color. In my case, I used a neon pink tulle skirt I found at Kohl’s in the girls section (you’ve seen that trick before!) layered it over the leopard dress. The bright solid color against the loud print is the base of the outfit and creates the attitude of the outfit. The neon pink doesn’t actually fight with the statement of the leopard, it enhances it. And that’s all because it’s a solid color.

3. Incorporate Accent Elements. Now that the base of the outfit is set, you can tweak the direction of the look by adding different accent elements. In this case, I used a polka dot skirt under the tulle one to make it even fuller and highlight another print at the same time. I also added a denim vest to take the edge off and neutralize the loudness of the top and bottom. The blue necklace turned headband was my boho piece. Even though pink is the outfit’s focus color, the turquoise beads contrasts nicely with it and create another texture and dimension that’s not a piece of fabric.

4. Finish It Off With an Unexpected Shoe Choice. When you look at the outfit from my knees up, it has girly written all over it. From the pink and polka dot bottom to the leopard top and beaded necklace. The predictable footwear choice would be glitter heels, ballet flats, or some other ultra girly shoe, but instead, I went for the other extreme by choosing a sneaker. It takes the outfit from girly/glam to funky/glam/cool, and at the same time sends the message that you’re not taking it TOO seriously. In the end, this is supposed to be FUN….remember?



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