How To Make a Sock Bun

1. Cut the toe off of a tube sock so that the sock is about the same length as your ponytail.  (In this case, the sock was super long so I cut off the entire foot.)

2. Put your hair in a ponytail.  Damp hair is best.

3. Put your ponytail through the sock.  Then pull the sock down so it covers your entire ponytail.

4. Splay the ends of your hair so they’re evenly spread out around the sock.

5. Tuck the hair just under the end of the sock so it starts to make a “doughnut” shape.

6. Keep tucking and rolling—while fixing stray pieces—until you get to the base of your ponytail.


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  1. Amazing! Thank you SO much. I have very fine hair and I like to put it up but I have noticed a lot of breaks recently and was wondering how I can do without the elastics and pins. So this solves both the problem of fine hair, and the breakage. It is comfortable – thrifty – and looks fuller than my usual messy little bun and it feels secure too. :) happy blog reader :)

    by Claire Reply