If you are like me, you tend to wait until the last minute to get things done. Well, if you find yourself in a crunch this Halloween and you need a costume quick, check out these simple DIY costumes! These are items most people have around the house so you don’t have to run out to the store to get a great costume.



Items Needed

  • Black Umbrella
  • Black Cardigan or Long Sleeve Top
  • Scissors
  • Needle & Thread (or safety pins)
  • Black Strip of Cloth


1. Open the Umbrella


2. Cut the umbrella in half down the center seam.

Get as close to the seam as possible. You will have to cut around the center cap of the umbrella.
Once you have cut the umbrella in half, cut the umbrella free from the metal legs.


3. Attach the “wings”

Using the center point of one half of the umbrella, attach to the armpit of the sweater top by either sewing or using safety pins.
Continue to attach the edge of the umbrella along the seam in the arm of the sweater and along the seam down the waist.


4. Repeat Step 3


5. Make an eyemask

Once your wings are sewn on, you can make your eyemask. Take the black strip of cloth (I used an old scarf!) and cut two eye holes out of the strip.
The strip should be long enough to tie behind your head.


6. Pull it all together!

Throw on some black tights or pants, a black tank and black booties and you are good to go!



Items Needed

  • Black Cardboard (I used a shoebox top)
  • Scissors
  • Krazy Glue
  • Headband
  • Ribbon or Bow

1. Cut out circles.

Using the bottom of a cup (for accuracy), trace two circles onto the black cardboard.
Cut along the line until you have two black circles.


2. Create the ears

Cut a flat edge on both circles. Line the flat edge of the circle with krazy glue and attach to headband. Repeat with other circle.


3. Add bow

If you are using a ribbon, tie into a bow and attach to hair with bobbie pins in front of the ears.


4. Throw on a polka dot dress and some heels and you are Minnie Mouse!



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  1. Hi Penny Chic! I would love to see Miley Cyrus, Katniss, a character from Orange is the New Black, or a strawberry! Thank you! xoxo

    by Simone Reply