-Light Bulb

-Gold Powder or Glitter


-E600 Glue




1. Remove the metal part of the light bulb.

2. Place the funnel at the opening of the lightbulb and pour a small amount of gold powder into the bulb.

3. Use a needle to siphon the extra gold powder into the bulb.

4. Place a drop of E6000 Glue at the opening of the bulb to close the hole.

5. Before the glue dries, place the two ends of string into the glue and allow to dry for 10-15 minutes.

*Tip – Shake the bulb after putting a small amount of gold powder into the bulb and it will stick to the sides of the bulb making it look fuller.


-Three Ping Pong Balls

-E6000 Glue

-Beads for nose, buttons, eyes & mouth


-Large Button



-Two thin twigs


1. Using a dab of E6000, glue on the beads to create a mouth, eyes & nose on the first ping pong ball.

2. Glue the three ping pong balls together in a line.

3. Using a dab of E6000, glue on 3 beads for buttons on the middle ping pong ball.

4. Wrap the ribbon around the neck of the snowman and dab glue where the ribbon crosses.

5. Dab glue to the base of one of the small thin twigs and hold firmly to the middle ping pong ball, then repeat on other side.

6. Thread string through the button and spool and tie in a knot.

7. Glue the spool onto the large button.

8. Glue the button to top of snowman’s head as a hat.

*Tip – Use tape to hold the snowman’s hat in place while the glue dries to avoid having to hold it in place.


-Pine Cone


-White Paint



1. Roll the pine cone in the white paint.

2. While paint is still wet, roll the painted portion of the pine cone in glitter.

3. Repeat until entire outer edges of the pine cone are covered in paint and glitter.

4. Allow paint to dry for 20 minutes.

5. Wrap the wire around the top of the pine cone twice, create a loop above the top, then wrap it around once more to secure.

*Tip – Hold the pine cone from the top in order to paint the entire pine cone at once.


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