Friday’s video featured my whopping $13 surprise Mother’s Day gift to my mom and many of you were SHOCKED to find the price tag for each item was only .99 cents! Note to Penny: never underestimate your local dollar store! In my case, it was the 99 Cent Only store.

As I said in the video, wrapping gifts is the equivalent to styling clothes, aka it’s everything. And depending on how you accessorize your things, or in this case decorate them, it can be the MOST important factor for making something cheap look expensive. Marketers call this branding… Allow me to show you some cheap chic gift-wrapping tricks to use this Mother’s Day or ANY day.

1. Add Your Personal Touch. In my particular case, I had 13 gifts to wrap (for $13), which is kind of tricky to package as one gift. Instead of using a basket (boring!), I painted a cardboard box in a design that I knew my mom would like. If you don’t have it in you to do a whole impressionistic mural, no sweat! You can do a clean coat of black or white–very chic– and cut out a frame out of paper and glue a photo of you and your mom inside. There’s so many options here, from collaging, to doodling, to straight up painting, and it will add a personal aspect to the gift, while still giving you a practical holder for all the knick knacks!

2. Recycle Your Wrap. Instead of spending extra money on the gift-wrapping, I opened up my drawer with all the recycled ribbons, bows, boxes and paper I’ve collected from past gifts and put them to good use! The white ribbon used in the lower right corner was actually the strap from a paper shopping bag, which I then tied around simple brown shipping paper for a clean look. Believe it or not, the blue jewelry gift box was from an expensive pair of earrings I received. Sneaky trick… I swapped the box that my .99 cent earrings came in for a much more elegant option. Scrap pieces of ribbon that are too short to tie around the item can be used for an extra accent around the bow, (see lower left corner).

3. Invest In Wrapping When It’s Right . Yes, there’s such a thing as investment gift-wrapping…. Here’s a rule of thumb I learned from my mom: Go to paper stores right after holidays like Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even 4th of July! You’ll find their seasonal wrapping on sale, which you can buy and save for the following year. If you find yourself at a dollar store like I did the other day, see if there’s any good wrapping supplies for under a dollar. As a general rule, I always have cellophane and shipping paper at the house. They’re multi-purposeful and can be used to DIY custom wrapping paper. One trick is adding dried flower petals, leaves, glitter, or potpourri in between one sheet of cellophane and one sheet of shipping paper before you wrap. The options are limitless!

4. Save Ideas. Again, I stole this one from my mom, but she has a box where she keeps cute arts and crafts ideas. The dried flower/cellophane example above was something she saw on a gift she received. She saved the paper with the petals inside as a reminder. She also saves cute crafty cards and invitations in case she needs a little inspiration for a party, gift, or art project. Guess who secretly opened that box when it was time to wrap these nuggets…moi! For more gift-wrapping tricks and inspirations, visit this Pinterest page where I found a lot of ideas…


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