There is no better budget-proof skill to have than knowing how to wear one piece multiple ways. Kmart Fashion happens to agree with me and asked a few bloggers (including myself) to choose their favorite pair of Bongo shoes and demonstrate how to wear the one shoe two totally different ways. For me the choice was easy and it all came down to this pair of Bongo Lace-Up Booties for $27.99. Lately, lace-up booties have been my #1 go-to shoe in my wardrobe for Fall and Winter. Being that I live in the west coast, it’s the perfect mix of casual, slight warmth, and California “chic”.

I like to call the first look “NOT Your Ugly Sweater Party Chic.” I would wear this to a cozy get together with friends over the latest Starbucks holiday themed latte. I don’t know about you, but I’m hooked on the Caramel Brulee!  For this outfit, I chose a loosely knitted Bongo sweater with metallic silver threads that give it a festive touch. These distressed jeans are skinny enough to fit in my booties and have gold chain detailing on the left woven in the denim.  Together, it creates a look that’s both edgy and Winter-appropriate. To top it off, I pulled off a Jenny (er, Penny) from the block updo and wore big gold statement earrings. The hair gives the look a cleaner appearance and the earrings create a pop to offset the casual nature of the ensemble.


The second outfit or “Boho Holiday Chic” is for those out there (like me) who live and die for a good maxi dress. This particular maxi by Bongo has a print that combines leopard, gold encrusted frames, and gems. That’s kind of holiday-ish I guess? When it comes to maxi dresses, it’s not usually about the shoes because of the length of the dress, but it’s fun to wear shoes that have a little surprise when you walk or when you lift the bottom of the dress. If you’re a boho chick, choose a shoe like these booties that have height and a little edge. Cowboy boots could work too, but maybe save that trick for the summer.


That’s how I would wear my favorite pair of shoes two different ways. How many ways do you wear your most coveted pair of shoes?


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  1. Wow, I think your modelling and/or your mum’s photography have improved even more – these shots are awesome! And I love, love, love the first outfit, wish I could get that top in NZ! Great work, as usual. :)

    by KiwiGirl Reply
    • That’s such a nice thing to say! I know my mom felt really good when she heard that. Thank you for reading our blog everyday even though your far away! Hopefully one day we’ll meet :)

      by smiller Reply