This outfit, modeled by my friend Sarah (of 20 years might I add!), makes it to my favorite’s list for sure. I love the conflicting patterns between the stripes and the zebra print. You may be surprised to hear it, but for this outfit, the belt is the most crucial piece to the look. It breaks up the monotony of the black and white and ties the whole ensemble together. By having the pink belt there, we can actually see the outfit better! If it wasn’t there, the photo would just look like a mush of black and white one on top of the other.

Shop it Online:
Striped T-Shirt
Animal Print Shorts (similar idea but not exact)
White Sneaker (similar idea not but exact)

Photo: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. Look at all these new posts, nice! This one is great. I like how you’ve taken stripes and mix and matched them, breaking up things with color. Those sneakers are pretty cool too. I bought a bunch of stuff online at Walmart this week, thanks to you and your inspirations! :-)

    by Anonymous Reply
  2. Love the layered prints- sporting two different stripe/patterns today… I wasn’t sure about it this morning, but the risk paid off! The red belt here is a great way to offset all the black and white. Once again- bravo!

    by JGryff Reply
  3. this is great! the print mixing is amazing. and who knew that Walmart is a great place to get basics like striped tees?

    by Katherine Reply
  4. Oh Katherine, Walmart does basics better than anything else!! If you go in the store, you’ll find tons of tees in different colors and prints for like $5

    by shauna Reply