How was everyone’s holiday? Was I the only one who didn’t go shopping during Black Friday? Truth be told, my sanity is more important to me sometimes. I’m also convinced that apparel will continue to be going on sale with greater discounts until after Christmas. My advice: if you know what you want already, and it’s on sale for an amazing price, then get it! But don’t get tricked into believing that you have to go crazy and buy everything in sight just because the price has been reduced slightly. Make smart investments and don’t overspend! Save for the things that really excite you. If it’s a gift, don’t buy it unless it feels 100% right. And if you don’t, then make sure there’s a good return policy!

p.s. This dress is sooo incredibly flattering! It shows and hides everything you’d want it to and it still looks sexy. I’m a big fan!!

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Wrap Dress
Ankle Boots



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  1. I think the necklace completely clashes with the outfit and the print is slightly insane, it would have been MUCH better in a neutral color. Also, the shoes are probably overpriced for the quality that they really are. I know most will disagree with me, but that’s OK.

    by Anonymous... Reply
  2. My Thanksgiving was relaxing…I thought I was the only one too who didn’t go out on Black Friday. I don’t mind missing all the “pepper spray, trampling deaths, and shootings” in the news, over sales. Not unless I absolutely have to get something. But, the internet had plenty of sales online, in the safety of my home :-).

    I’m happy to see another Miss Tina dress. I actually bought this online today after seeing it here. I’ve purchased her dresses before and they are always flattering on me. Especially since I have some curves. Thanks for sharing this one, it’s nice to see it on a model before purchasing!

    by Anonymous Reply
  3. @Anonymous #2–Yes, I agree! The Miss Tina dresses always seem to be flattering. Glad to know there was one other person who didn’t shop on Black Friday!

    by shauna Reply
  4. I like the dress but I don’t like the shoes. I don’t care for the style and I think they actually look cheap. But overall pretty good :)

    by Keisha Reply