UPDATE: Congratulations to Veronica for her winning name “TWEED BETWEEN THE LINES CHIC”!!!! The competition was fierce and I was so impressed by what everyone submitted! Thanks for sharing your ideas. XOXO

We haven’t done one of these in a LONG time and I really need help naming this outfit!!! What should it be called? Winner gets a $30 gift card to the discount store of their choosing + a (personal) cyber styling consultation where I’ll help you decide what to choose for your body type! Now, here’s what you have to do….

1. Tell us what you think this outfit should be called in the comment box. Make sure it includes the word “chic” at the end!
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Shop the Look:
Call It Spring Lace-Up Bootie $35 (JCPenney)
Mossimo Khaki Crop Pant $21.99 (Target)
Call It Spring Messenger Bag $18 online/$9 in store (JCPenney)
Mango Tweed Jacket $60 online/$51.92 in store (JCPenney)
Mango Beaded Necklace $24 online/$14 in store (JCPenney)

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Sabrina


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  1. I would definitely call this Dr. Who Chic! A few of the docs have certainly loved their tweed. Great job.

    by Lou Reply
  2. Day at the Museum Chic! I can totally see wearing this at a cool, hip museum (not traditional art, more like modern or found art or something).

    by katiecoops Reply
  3. Meet the Mom Chic!
    I definitely went for a similar look when I met my boyfriend’s parents.

    by Prerna Reply
  4. Casual Runway Model Chic – can I have the bag, shoes, & coat? (JK) Love this outfit!

    by Anonymous Reply
  5. Hmmm. Probably only supposed to guess once here…but also looks like Fancy Safari Traveler Chic!

    by Anonymous Reply
  6. btw MNG by Mango is fabulous! I’ve always loved their clothes! I cant wait to scope out JCP on Feb 1 when they are slashing their prices by 40%! of course, if I win this …. heeheehee.. i go straight to the store to score!

    by Lil Reply
    • @Lil–I know I love MNG at JCP. It’s not cheap though so I’m looking forward to the sale too!

      by shauna Reply
  7. I just discovered you and I love you !!!! It’s really good to see someone doing this for the modern everyday women who wants to look fierce and fab on a budget ! I would call this outfit Running Errands Chic because it’s comfortable yet cute at the same time.


    by Chrystie Reply
  8. I suggest: Independent Author Chic because I can see someone dressing in this and sitting in Starbucks working away at their novel.

    by KSL Reply
  9. “Tweeding chic” ….. I normally don’t see much tweed in a day to day outfit so its nice to see how you styled it here great job!

    by maria Reply
  10. tweed chaqueta caqui chic!! jus for a change tried in spanish equivalent words for tweed jacket(tweed chaqueta)and for khaki(caqui).Love the outfit:-)

    by akshaya karunakaran Reply
  11. interview-ready chic.
    The look is something that could be worn on campus and still be appropriate for an interview, pending on the type of job. It can be laid back and sophisticated at the same time.

    by Jillian Reply
  12. Crusing the Coast Chic as this looks perfect for my mini vacay on the coast next week.

    by Monique Reply
  13. or Substitute Teacher Chic as you definetly get the attention of your students with such a cute outfit.

    by Monique Reply
  14. Presidential Forces Chic!

    I chose this cuz first ladies (president’s wife)wear tweed jackets like this, and the forces part is because of the military inspired pants and boots. :)

    by Prakashni Reply
  15. Sophisticated Student Chic. As a grad student who has to work in a professional environment, I’m constantly looking for outfits that are both appropriate and stylish. I would LOVE to wear this outfit to my job at the college I work at, and then to one of my classes after it.

    by Katie Reply
  16. I love every item in this outfit…and how you have made a potentially old-fashioned looking tweed jacket look edgy and cool! So I’d call it “Effortlessly Cool Chic!”

    by KiwiGirl Reply
  17. Noveau Riche Chic, or Noveau Prep Chic – it works two ways! It looks like an expensive, classy outfit, but with a smart price tag! The “new rich” or “new preppy” look has a bit more of an edge than our mom’s generation, and can be way more affordable with all of the great Penny Chic options we have now!

    by Rachel Gates Reply