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I had a lot of fun with this video, which is hopefully obvious when you watch it. I know all of us have different New Years resolutions (well…I’m not sure exactly how different they really are…), but my idea for this video was to suggest 10 things that can help push you on your way towards becoming the new you (whoever you want that to be) in the new year. Maybe you’ve promised to cook more or study more or focus more at work. None of those things have to do with style on the surface, but I believe having style and feeling good about what you wear helps you achieve a lot more than you think!  The 10 things you’ll see in the video are all fairly easy to find, inexpensive and will help you feel good and confident, even if it’s in an insignificant way at first. It all counts in the end!

After watching the video, which one applies to you most?



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  1. Definitely the neon accessories. I do not have enough! Who makes the darling black and white tweed dress you are wearing in the nail polish segment?

    My new years resolution is actually to post more videos on my fashion blog. Do you have, or could you make a tutorial on how to make fabulous DIY fashion videos like yours?

    And would love to see a walk through of your entire closet full of fabulousness!!

    by Laura Reply
    • Thanks Maggie!! You’re the sweetest! Happy New Year to you and the kids XOXO

      by smiller Reply
  2. These are great tips!! I need some neon exercise clothes (combining two tips there). You thought of everything. Can’t wait for what the year brings oxoxo

    by Jordan Reply