You might say today we are taking a more risque approach to fashion and we’re OK with it since it’s Valentine’s Day.

I wanted to dedicate a post to beautiful affordable lingerie because I’m sick of seeing handmade bustiers for over $100! These two nightgowns modeled by the beautiful Amy are both just under $15. That’s how much a pretty nightgown should cost!

Hope all of you feel sexy, beautiful, and loved today. Repeat it to yourselves a couple of times if you forget.

Shop it Online:
Smart and Sexy Mesh Chemise $14.96 (Walmart)
Smart and Sexy Lace Push-Up Chemise $14 (Walmart)
Heart Key Necklace Set $8 (Walmart)
Rhinestone Necklace Set $10 (Walmart)
Beaded Headband $4.88 (Walmart)


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  1. “But I can buy the same damn thing on a Wal-Mart shelf half price
    And still look sexy, just as sexy as those models on TV”

    Sorry, I had to quote Gretchen Wilson on this one!

    But she’s right…men really don’t care where the lingerie came from

    by Crystal Reply
  2. @ crystal: that is so true. Men would get “happy” if you were nude up under a black garbage bag or wrapped in brown craft paper. Men just like to see you sexy. Still these items are too cute & the price is killer cheap. I have the mesh chemise in black & its just as nice as the expensive Victoria Secret stuff.

    by annebeth Reply
  3. Hey just stumbled on to your website doing a websearch for something else and I have a bit of a chalenge for you. Could you do a post on being chick while WORKING at Wal-mart without violating dress code?

    by Ashlee Reply