I took this photo of my friend, Daniela, when I was in New York yesterday (it was 20 degrees, poor thing), right before I got in a taxi to go to the airport. It was very rushed, but the shot came out well….I guess it was taken in what they call, “a New York minute.”

The shoes may be a little pricier than what we’re used to at Walmart, but the detailing of the studding along with the snake texture of the material make it worthwhile. The chain on the pump is reminiscent of the chain featured on a lot of Chanel’s footwear this season. The skirt, by Miss Tina, is the perfect pencil skirt to flatter your form. It has an elastic waist and a top-to-bottom zipper in the back. Oh and please make note that the studded shirt by Miley Cyrus is $4!!! Just wow is all I can say….


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