Could this outfit be any more appropriate for the blog? I guarantee you this…in 5 years, that shirt will say PENNY CHIC! #yougottasayittobelieveit

J’adore this top! In fact, I’ve been wearing it like a uniform the past couple of weeks (as you can see above). It’s sooo comfortable and I really like the fact that it’s cropped at that length…it makes my legs longer and more proportional. I’ve been wearing it with the black maxi dress you see in the photo but as you can see on Robin,the tee is perfect with jeans. To go along with the boho look, I added gold bangles and a chain necklace wrapped around twice.

I’m loving all the comments and votes for the new and improved Penny Chic! You Pennies have a LOT of strong and interesting ideas…..tres tres excellente!

Shop it Online:
Tres Chic T-Shirt
Glitter Flats

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Robin Paul


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  1. Just wondering, is the T-shirt intentionally sold oversize or was it purchased in a larger size to make it that way? BTW today’s Walmart (Canada) sale flyer has shoes on sale for $29-$45 (Dr Scholl’s and Earth Spirit leather). Not quite the prices that you guys score… sadly.

    by Liana Reply
  2. I agree everyone had great suggestions. This top looks as comfortable as you say it is! And those glasses are fun, you look like “Jess” on New Girl!

    by Anonymous Reply