So I know this sounds like a dumb trend to track…I mean sweatshirts, really? But I’m just pointing out what I see and sweatshirts of all designs are EVERYWHERE. The material is the same as the cotton ones you wear to the gym, except in this case, they’re being glammed up with rhinestones, graphic prints, lace and other embellishments. There seems to be a common trend theme these days …. extremely casual basics being worn more formally or designed to have fab details.

I’ve seen stylish ladies wearing these sweaters everywhere from front row at fashion week to Saturday night out! The great thing is that you don’t have to wear tons of jewelry because the sweatshirts have their own standout details. I do, however, recommend wearing heels to fem it up a bit like I did here. For bottoms, anything from boyfriend jeans to skinnies or even a leather mini would work with this trend.

How do you feel about it? Are you ready to start wearing sweatshirts to places other than your home and the gym?! The good news is they’re comfortable!


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  1. That sweatshirt you’re wearing is SO cute… never would have guessed it’s from Kohl’s!

    by Claire Reply
  2. I think that purse looks so sweet with that outfit! Funny – I used to make fun of grandmas for wearing rhinestone sweatshirts and here we are today… guess those old ladies knew how to do comfort and class at the same time!

    by Chrissy Reply