You have probably seen this week’s trend around a lot lately. Palazzo pants are really in right now. Just pick up a tabloid magazine and you’ll see a number of fashionable celebs sporting these pajama-like trousers. The wide leg makes this a trend you can get comfortable with (literally!) and right now it is pretty easy to find the palazzo pants that fit with your style in stores.

I decided to go with this tropical number to celebrate the summer time! These pants look great with a crop top especially if the waist sits a little higher like these do.

How would you style your palazzo pants? Are you a fan of this trend?



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  1. Flashback to the late ’90s! Pretty sure I wore a pair of polka-dot palazzo pants for my fifth grade band concert…

    by Melanie Reply
  2. Can I just say that I’m happy this trend finally came back around! I love dressing comfortably and how much more comfortable can you get than this!

    by Sherry Reply
    • Yeah, I can understand that. They’re a little “man repelling” but I say who cares!? Especially, if you’re already taken :)

      by smiller Reply
    • Totally agreed! After doing this shoot, I literally slept in the pants they were so comfy!

      by smiller Reply
  3. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with palazzo pants. Admittedly, I haven’t sported them since the early ’90s, when my friends and I wore them with oversized knotted t-shirts and Doc Martins to a school dance, like a half-grunge uniform. The pant first emerged in the 1920s on fashionable women like Coco Chanel, who paired them with striped tanks and flat espadrilles. Jennifer Connelly ‘s beautiful, sculptural look via an Oscar de la Renta pair in a 2007 Vogue editorial has never left my mind, in that it’s-so-beautiful-but-I-can’t-wear way. This season, the palazzo pant showed up on Spring runways, including Fendi , D&G , and Dries van Noten , and they looked fresh, comfy, and surprisingly chic. Now, a myriad of palazzo pant styles are popping up in stores, like this pretty salmon-pink pair from Asos ($74). Click the slideshow to see the runway trend in action. Is it a trend you’ll be sporting? Let us know in the comments.

    by Tracie Ochoa Reply