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  1. What a great outfit & the brown shirt is so sharp ( it looks like it would be soft to the touch). Nice to see a cute man here too. YUMMY!!

    by annebeth Reply
  2. OK you could put that guy in a garbage bag and he’d still make it look stylish. Regardless, this is a really nice outfit. I love all of it; inc. the punch of orange. Thumbs up!

    by Jen from MI Reply
  3. Totally agree with the comments above! He looks great in this. Love the layers with the orange (the blue in the last post was a nice shade too). Fun photos!!! :-)

    by Anonymous Reply
  4. Mmmm… love this one. Fun outfit and I love colour on a man. Orange is great, and so is a bright deep purple! Great combo and wonderful model (personality plus).

    by Liana Reply
  5. @Annebeth–I love the brown pullover too! It’s on sale for $13 online which is an amazing deal!!

    @Jen–I know he’s such a hunk!

    @Anonymous–I love the layers too. So fall! xo

    @Liana–Yes deep purple is nice too and very “in” right now xo

    by shauna Reply
  6. Can I just say that I’m so glad you post cheap menswear looks? I love dressing myself and have been told I have a good style, but I don’t know how to dress guys as well. My honey lets me suggest items to him, so I love seeing the ensembles you come up with for men so I can consider if they fit how my guy would dress!

    by Sammi M. Reply