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  1. I am new to your blog, and have only made it through about 30% of your posts but it strikes me that a significant amount of the outfits you all wear are Norma Kamali based which seems like the easy way out. Wearing discount designer clothes is still wearing designer clothes, whereas the theme of your blog seems to be more about fighting the mainstream designer price tag AND label lust. Just my two cents. I would challenge you to do a week of outfits without any Norma Kamali wear and see who much more difficult it could be, or not.

    by Alyson Reply
  2. I stumbled across your blog today also and am on the opposite side of Alyson’s post! I LOVE this site as I do most of my shopping online, have purchased a couple of Norma Kamali pieces and have been extremely satisfied and get compliments. I work in the retail world & work at a store that sells high end designer items, yet I refuse to pay the sticker price. I applaud that you can show us how to be stylish without paying the high end price. There are good/bad items at Walmart & I don’t shop there for anything but some of their clothing is trendy, well made, and cute, and I am complimented often!

    by Kim Reply
    • Thanks Kim. I really appreciate your support and couldn’t agree more! xoxo

      by shauna Reply
  3. I like this dress the best. I’m really into stripes and it’s a nice twist on them. I like how you tagged the post with chloe in reference to the ballet flats! :)

    by Katherine Reply