I spent this past weekend in Mexico with friends (check back later for a recap post) and this outfit could not be more perfect as a segue back to reality. Most of the items were purchased a while ago, but I found similar items that are linked at the bottom. Nothing in this outfit is really cohesive, but I’m all about breaking the rules, especially in spring when louder outfits are more mainstream for the season.  The only tip I will offer you is to stray away from black and stack on colors, prints, and textures that inspire you and make you feel good!





Shop the Look: tie-dye dress $38, C&C California (; Ethnic Beaded Necklace $24, Swell; Straw Tote $16, Gap; “Chantelle” Faux Leather Sandal $49.95,


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  1. I have this same straw tote and I can’t wait until it’s time to break it out again! (We are still fighting off the last bit of snow here!) Loving how you went all out with mixing prints & love how they all seem to come together flawlessly!

    by Kate Reply