Winner is Nancy Vanni for her title “Inca Treasure Chic”!!! It was a fierce competition! Congrats Nancy! Email me for details.

Shauna Miller is stumped once again. What should the name of this outfit be? Winner gets to choose a piece of clothing from Try and think of names that really capture the essence of the outfit/photo…in other words, “Sweater Chic” is not my idea of an original title!

Putting the challenge aside for a second, let me give a proper introduction to today’s lovely model Elizabeth. Doesn’t she look like the singer Jewel?!! The resemblance kills me! Anywho, Elizabeth just launched an awesome online consignment shop called Closet Rich where she sells “pre-loved” items she finds in fashionably rich closets. It’s a full service shop…she visits her client’s homes, weeds out what’s sellable (The rest she donates to charity) and puts them on her site, giving the owner 50% commission of what sells. Smart, no? The items are a lot pricier than what we’re used to at Walmart, but if you’re looking for some discounted designer garb, it’s a GREAT resource!

Shop the Look Online:
Tribal Sweater (purple)
Tribal Sweater (black)
Skinny Jeans (similar but not the same)

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Elizabeth Kott


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  1. Modern Western Chic. The print on the sweatshirt and the big silver medallion are very western elements, but the look is made modern with the dark jeans and ballet flats.

    by Tashia Reply
    • Nancy!! You are the winner congrats!! I loved your answer!! Email me for details on how to get your prize :) XOXO

      by shauna Reply
  2. Colorado Rockies Chic (The Colorado Rockies’ colors are purple and silver, and Colorado has a rich Native American heritage.)

    by Brenda Reply
  3. Hold up a minute – Wal-Mart makes a sweet shirt like that?! I am totally on the hunt for it now! It reminds me of something from an Alloy or Delia’s catalog. Probably a better price though. ūüėČ

    by Hannah Reply
  4. Indian Free Style Chic
    Retro 70’s Chic
    It would be interesting to see what you come up with next, children and baby chic posts. Or a series where you take a movie and choose something inspired by certain outfit into something we just might wear today. Princess Leia or a celebrity. Love your blog.

    by Leah Baird Reply
  5. Hi,

    I loved the outfit.I can name it TTP(Tribal Trendy Purple).I came across this challenge just now!!!:-)

    by akshaya Reply