The term “Walmart Chic” is being used left and right in the cyber world right now. Who coined the term you ask? ‘Twas I. What better way to claim the term back than with a photo that’s not only chic, but photographed in an ACTUAL Walmart.

I love this outfit, because it’s so multifaceted. Jasmin is wearing a shirt from the Men’s Department, a clutch/file folder from Office Supplies, and a pair of leggings from the Juniors Section. We’ve crossed department lines here, people. As most of my die hard readers know, I am a big fan of Men’s dress shirts or boyfriend shirts (if you will) paired with a belt that cinches the waist. This belt has a hand-made Native American look to it which adds a tinge of funkiness to the outfit. Isn’t it amazing that this accordion file folder actually works as a clutch? It’s such a testament to the idea that you can truly make chic of any situation if you have a good eye and some ingenuity. If you’re up for a styling challenge, go to a big box store that carries everything from hoses to hosiery and find something non-apparel to work into your outfit. I’m not saying this because I think it’s realistic to wear non-apparel everyday, but it’s certainly a fun way to think out of the box.

Shop it online:
Gladiator Sandals.
Men’s Dress Shirt (not the same one!).
Grey Leggings (not the same one!)


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  1. Thank you for adding “Shop it online” to your posts! I have enjoyed perusing your blog over the past two weeks and this is the best addition ever.

    by Hannah Reply