The time has finally come…we are ending our expansion with Sears! (At least for now…)

Doesn’t this outfit look awesome? It’s so 1970s chic meets Rachel Zoe. Some people are scared of high waisted flair jeans because they think it will be unflattering, but if you wear them with high platform heels, it can actually be very flattering. You just need some height to lengthen your legs.

One of our very own Penny readers, Sharon, volunteered to model for the blog and she did a fabulous job! She’s currently getting her MBA from a top notch school and wants to start a fashion website…um go Sharon! If you’re in the LA area and interested in modeling, email me. There are a lot of you who have already inquired about it and I’m trying to get to each and every one of you this year :)

Are you excited to have Sears join the madness of Penny Chic?

Shop the Items
High Waisted Jeans, UK Style by French Connection. $24.99 in store (Sears)
Ruffled Plaid Shirt by US Polo Association. $25.99 (Sears)
Red Platform Sandals by Melrose Avenue. $29.99 (Sears)
Gold Statement Necklace, $14.99 (Target)
Red Hat, $10 (Walmart)

Model: Sharon
Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. I’ve recently come across your blog and I’m a fan. Thank you for all the inspiration.
    Today’s outfit is very cool!

    by Gloria Reply
  2. I don’t see $95 in this outfit. A bit overpriced for me, I like the $50 ones better. The outfit is pretty though.

    by maria Reply
  3. Linda, people come in all sizes and shapes. Just because someone is not a size 2 doesn’t mean they look unflattering!

    by Gloria Reply
  4. I am sorry but those jeans do nothing for the model, they aren’t flattering at all. Also, I would never pay 26 dollars for a shirt of that style.

    by Anonymous... Reply
  5. Gloria, I think the model is beautiful. The outfit is just a show of bad styling, which make her look pregnant. By the way, I’m a size 10.

    by Linda Reply
  6. Linda, well i guess we have different tastes. I like the whole vibe and see her as looking adorable.

    by Gloria Reply
  7. I love this kind of look! Going to Sears over the weekend to buy some things for my new house and will definitely be looking for the top and jeans!

    by Jackie Reply
  8. Nice outfit! I love the vintage look and flare jeans…good styling!

    Also, it’s great the nasty comments were kicked to the curb. Naysayers tend to be emotionally deprived and, I’ve come to learn, aren’t worth the arguing or time of day. Best to just cut them out of connections and ignore. LoL

    by Anonymous Reply
  9. I wouldn’t say those comments were nasty – just differing opinions. As Gloria said, we all have different tastes, so this website is not likely to cater to EVERY person’s taste with EVERY outfit.

    I kind of agree with Linda, this is not something I personally would wear unless I was going to a 70s party. Then again, I am not the most adventurous dresser so that could be it! I do like the hat and shoes though! :)

    But there is something for everyone on this site, so if you’re not so keen on this one, check out the archives – there are a lot of cool hints and outfits to admire!

    by KiwiGirl Reply
  10. KiwiGirl -I’m referring to the comments Shauna deleted in the previous post. Thanks

    by Anonymous Reply
  11. Shauna-I’m glad you stood up for yourself and avoided getting sucked into the petty comments. Have a great weekend!

    by Anonymous Reply
  12. Sorry, my mistake! In that case, I agree – those comments barely even made any sense!

    Just wanted to comment on a more positive note. I went to a store here in New Zealand (possibly a Walmart equivalent) this week and bought two cool tops on clearance, one for $3.98 and the other $5.99 – so happy with them! And am now scoping out the jewellery section for necklaces to stack and looking for bright statement socks! Loving all the new ideas – keep up the awesome work, Shauna! :)

    by KiwiGirl Reply
  13. love the hat but my walmart doesnt carry a lot of the stuff in these posts… boo :( i like going to the store and trying stuff so i’m not a big fan of shopping for clothes online. btw, the outfit is cool – i would probably go with a plain blouse instead of plaid if there is one like that, i think that would be more flattering.

    by Lil Reply
  14. My wife loves shopping online, because after work/kids she doesn’t have a lot of time. Cute hat and stylish outfit. Welcome Sears!

    by Dan Reply
  15. I love this style. A lot of my friends with sophisticated and good taste love these vintage looks, plus to get this kind of look at Sears! It’s always obvious to me that when you can get this kind of look at a lower priced store than the high end, that it’s amazing

    by Kelly Reply
  16. I’m also with Gloria. The model looks beautiful and don’t agree with Linda’s comment.

    by Kelly Reply
  17. Yea, I hear yah about the negative comments and agree with Anonymous about the petty comments. Just stay positive and stay away from getting too involved with them.

    by Jane Reply
  18. Very pretty! this outfit looks very high end – the top looks like something Fendi placed on the runway a bit less than a year ago. The jeans could have fit better, but definitely not opposed to the look of them overall…I actually think they’re great!

    by Kate Reply
  19. Why does anyone care enough to write something negative in response to Anonymous commenting on the nasty stuff? Sounds like they were out to say something negative about Anonymous! Just sticking up for her/him! Happy Sears is part of the lineup!

    by Erica Reply
  20. Just got back from New Zealand, I mostly shopped at discount stores. Kiwi Girl, what store was it?

    by Brenda Reply
  21. Erica-Thanks for the message. I don’t think it was anything personal otherwise I wouldn’t have given a response and wasted my time. Just an honest mistake of not having read something. I’m a huge fan of vintage looks, always have been, so this look was appealing to me. I’m up for watching the Golden Globes tonight!

    by Anonymous Reply
  22. Hi Brenda, hope you enjoyed your stay in NZ. :) It was The Warehouse, which is a pretty budget “unfashionable” store (tagline is “Where Everyone Gets A Bargain”). We do have K Mart here, and I would say the Warehouse is sort of similar to that…

    Erica – if you were referring to me, I am really sorry if I came across as negative, that wasn’t my intention at all. I was just trying to say that not every person will like every thing about every outfit and that should be okay. But I wasn’t trying to defend genuinely nasty comments and it certainly wasn’t anything personal against Anonymous. Sorry if it seemed that way.

    by KiwiGirl Reply
  23. I love this look!! I don’t think these jeans are the best fit for her frame but she still looks cute!

    by Keisha Reply