My dear cousin (photographed above) just turned 16 and will be driving the streets of Los Angeles with a license! Maybe some sweet 16 summer romance is in the cards for her this summer too….

This dress comes with a thick embellished belt that I actually replaced with this white one, because I felt it was too much for the dress. You’ll often see belts attached to dresses at Walmart. I usually don’t like the belts they’re paired with so I swap them out for something else, usually more simple. Don’t disregard something you see because of the belt that it comes with! But do disregard something if it doesn’t excite the hell out of you. These days I’m only buying things that do!

Shop it Online:
Faded Glory Sandal

Photo: Shideh H. Miller

Model: Shira Hakim


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  1. Awhhh very cute! Can’t go wrong with a black dress! I bought these exact sandals after seeing them on pennychic to replace a pair of Dolce Vita I bought last year at Bloomies and they are just as good. I love that they have traction on the bottom and a fabric footbed!

    by Anonymous Reply
  2. First off I love you blog and have been reading it for a long time but just want to make a suggestion. The whole ‘____ chic ‘type of heading is getting to be somewhat grating. I have noticed that you guys have had difficulty coming up with different phrases involving it for posts as of late so it might be time to not use that word in every post heading. It think the blog would still work without it.

    by Lee Reply
  3. I’ll be honest, the complaining comments get sort of annoying after a while. The information in this blog is free and here to help us. No one has to dress up people for us and give out free style suggestions. We’re lucky to have someone who takes the time to even do it. People can start sounding whiny and ungrateful after a while, and I just want to read my daily penny in peace the way I read my

    by JJ Reply
  4. love! i love how you use real, naturally beautiful girls as models! its truly real fashion for real girls! amazing site!

    by M Reply