Regardless of how many swimsuits we own, summer will eventually come to an end! So here’s how I see it: it’s not a bad idea to get a head start on your back-to-school (and work) shopping so you have the VERY best at your finger tips. I recently went to Ross, one of my favorite retailers, and found some FAB summer-inspired pieces that can function in my everyday REAL life once summer ends. I styled today’s outfit using pieces from Ross. Check it out!






ross-back-to-school-post-2 The sleeveless printed dress is THE PERFECT transition piece, translating the fun vibes of summer into a silhouette that’s work appropriate and sophisticated. Finding a great moto jacket like one should be on everyone’s list. It creates polish, while maintaining that cool edge factor. These are my personal bargain hunting tips, but check out the Secrets of a Bargain Hunter page to hear what other bloggers have to say. From the shoe selection to the chic dresses and blazers, achieving an “A” GAME wardrobe without breaking the bank was totally achievable at Ross. So tell me: what types of clothes inspire you to get your “A” GAME on?

Outfit Credits:

Printed Faux Wrap Dress, Ross, $29.99

Moto Blazer, Ross, $39.99

Pointed Pumps, Ross, $19.99


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  1. First off, I love this dress on you. And I love it even better with that moto jacket. So big thumbs up on your transition piece!

    Second, to create an A Game wardrobe-you have to have flexible pieces that can be used for multiple purposes and multiple seasons. So for me, that means layer pieces – fly away sweaters, different types of tank tops, structured & flowy skirts and dresses that hit around the knee area. I am also drawn to patterned pieces that aren’t too busy but bold enough to stand out and flatter my figure. I’m a firm believer in darker denium jeans because it slims the body. I like my statement necklaces, rings and earrings (just not all together) to create different looks depending on where I’m going. And I buy my shoes all over – from Payless to Nordstrom Off Rack and every place in between. I never pay full price on anything – it’s either on sale, clearance or from a thrift store. We don’t have Ross where I live but I’ve been to some in AZ and I love them! However we do have TJ Maxx, Marshall’s & Burlington Coat Factory and I can get name brand clothes for very reasonable prices.

    So to sum, I believer you can get an A Game wardrobe anywhere. It’s not about spending a ton of money to look good. The key is to find pieces that work for your body and can be worn in different ways.

    by JEN Reply