My cousin, Shira, and her 2 permit proof BFFs joined me yesterday for a FUN photo shoot and I must say I’m suffering from some major sweet sixteen envy right now.

It was very easy to get these gals to laugh. All I had to say was “think of an inside joke” and the laughter ensued. From what I gathered, they were laughing about some girl who flew across a room. #highschoolinanutshell

Let me begin with my cuz, Shira. She’s known for her giggle in the group, and I must say (though I’m biased), it is infectious. She recently got her learner’s permit and has been practicing around town every chance she gets. She’s apparently fast, but reminded me that it’s “genetic” (as I was driving!).

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Pearl Studs

Natalie is a “Straight A” student who is crushed on by all the boys. That’s a rare combination, if I remember correctly….
These rain boots are my new obsession. And I just saw online that they’re on sale now for $22! Marc Jacobs created the concept 5 years ago and I think it’s brilliant. Rain boots can tend to look very clunky and unflattering. This heeled rain boot is more delicate. I’ll probably wear them when the sky is clear too!

Rebecca is going to get her permit today so everyone wish her luck! No, this car is not hers but how cool would it be if it was? Rebecca is apparently the “party animal” of the group, hence the outfit! I love the look of mixing prints that so blatantly don’t belong together, yet somehow it works. Can you believe the Leopard “shirt” is actually a bathing suit? And the cardigan is part of Walmart’s school uniform collection for girls. An outfit full of surprises…



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