My friend Corey Gibson, our model of the day, is an amazingly talented singer and songwriter. You like Rihanna? Well, he wrote the song “Cheers” (which is now #8 on the music charts!). He himself sings and has one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard in person. How do I know this? He sang during the whole photo shoot! Follow him on twitter!

If we could all afford custom designer suits and tailoring, the world would be a much more elegant place. But considering most of us aren’t willing to (let our men) spend $2,000-$5,000 on a single suit, I wanted to dedicate a post to showing you how to get that dapper look and spend only $100.

I didn’t know Corey’s exact sizing so I brought a couple options to fit him in. One was either a little too big on the shoulders or a little too short on the arms. Most men probably know this or SHOULD know this, but the shoulders on a suit jacket must fit perfectly. If they are too big or too small for the shoulders by any means, TOSS THEM! I ended up choosing the shorter arm jacket that fit well on the shoulders because at least I could take the style of the suit in a different direction….more trendy rather than traditional. We’ve seen this a lot with male celebs at the MTV Movie Awards or even the Grammy’s. They put a more casual, young twist on the conventional suit (see: converse sneakers) which I love even more somtimes (depending on the occasion).

Here’s another example of how being constricted by a budget can sometimes force you to see, experiment, and take risks in a way you wouldn’t have thought of before.

Special thanks to Kohshin Finley for the amazing photography. Check out his portfolio here!

Suit Pants
Oxford Sneakers
Suit Jacket
Dress Shirt


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  1. Wow! Kudos to Corey for his success! Very handsome!!! And, I like the non-traditional shoes with the suit as well sometimes. Music/suits/sneakers combo reminds me of some of the styles they wear on John Chu’s The LXD. Love it!!!!

    by Anonymous Reply
  2. Looks very HAWT! Just remember guys, the match of jacket and pants must be either exact, or quite different in colour/texture or it WILL look cheap. Also always dry clean both pieces together, and as little as possible to make them hold their shape and hand longer. I love casual suits with brightly coloured suede loafers or lace-ups, especially desert boots.

    by Liana Reply